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Software Development

Davidian Company is a premier software development company delivering complicated software solutions that are world class on different technology platforms to clients, which ranges from the Fortune 500 companies up to dynamic startups. We are dedicated to helping our clients develop a thousand of successful software initiatives that generated hundreds of millions of dollars for our clients. By merging a wide range of technical expertise with an unparalleled commitment to full client satisfaction, we became an authoritative selection for companies who are looking for custom software development services, which include having in-house resources supplemented in the delivery of discrete components of project, creating complicated multimedia and interactive environments, and latest technology integration with current enterprise infrastructure.

Front end development

We let the purpose of the certain web or mobile app drive its user experience and design. For us, high user adoptions are the top priority. We have UX methodology that is optimized to provide a mix of visibility, control, and flexibility with great balance. We aim to enable our clients to establish long-term relationships with their customers and other stakeholders by increasing conversion rates effectively, along with the provision of comprehensive navigation and prediction of how clients will be interacting with the service or product. Our professional team of front-end developers are skilled in CSS, HTML, Java, and in the creation of beautiful responsive designs.

Mobile app development

We have been developing responsive UIs and android apps for different varieties of customers for many years. We are consistently pushing the boundaries of what is possible on mobile. We are ensuring that your idea would be transformed into a beautifully designed, engaging, and user-friendly mobile solutions of a top quality. We handled concept, development, strategy, and design for a wide range of mobile software components and mobile apps built on android, iOS, and Windows phones. In our journey to staying ahead of the technology curve, we have furthermore developed applications of its own to further learn and eventually, master the upcoming technologies.

Start ups

At Davidian Company, we are problem solvers above all and we love new challenges. Thereby, we love to work with starting companies. Businessmen have exceptional ideas, and our team of professionals have the needed technical expertise, along with our rigorous processes to help you in transforming the ideas into a product or service, delivering it to the market. We worked with starting companies on just about all stages of funding and growth. We have thorough understanding regarding the critical milestones that need to be done to be able to advance to the next stage of growth. Our commitment to contemporary practices helps in tackling software development goals in a way that is time sensitive, and deliver the solutions to our clients that are ready to the market.

Just like all of our other software development services, we are flexible in every project that we have. We scaling up when our clients need us before the launching, and scaling down seamlessly, when the project has been the maintenance phase.

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